Agave Society

Agave Society

Like Wine, Tequila has lots of depth and character to explore!


This will be an add on for existing Cellar Society Members and adds to restaurant benefits. 

This will be an exploration of Tequila, Mezcal and other Agave Spirits!

*4 quarterly tasting boxes (100ml bottles) contains 4 tequila offerings or agave spirits

 *2 unique tequila glasses 

*All new members get a bottle of Casa Dragones (retail $120)
*Free Invite for two for 2 Tequila Events (Aka Party) at Burton with a Traditional Latin and Mexican menu. 

*Allocations for any and all tequilas we list monthly on the Society Website.


From big producers to the boutique agave masters to the cult favorites you can't get. 


We will have them all!


This Society Membership is limited to just 50 people including your +1. This will be strictly enforced as these are extremely rare allocations we have secured